Sunday, November 27, 2011

Birth Of Stars

Birth Of Stars
Stars are born  and  may  shine  for  thousands  of  millions  of  years  before  they  die. A  cloud  of  gas  and dust  condenses  to form  a  young  star. Some  massive  stars,at the end  of  their  life,explode  as  supernovae  and  could  become  black  holes  or  neutron  stars. Smaller  stars  at  the  end  of  their  life,expand  into  red  giants and  then  shirnk   into  white  dwarfs  that  shine  dimly.

Our Sun and  all the stars you can see in the night sky belong  to a giant family of stars that we call our Galaxy. It contains around 100,000 million stars.This Galaxy is known as the Milky  Way. Beyond our own Galaxy, there are countless other galaxies scattered all across the  space.

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