Saturday, December 3, 2011


Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System. It is so large that thousand Earths could fit inside it.But it spins so fast that its day is less than 10 hours long. This rapid spin has made its equator bulge outwards.

Moons of Jupiter 
The Jovian moons number more than 60,including the four large satellites namely Callisto,Europa,Io,Ganymede discovered by Galileo,which are distinct worlds in themselves and lie in near-circular orbits in an equatarial plane.

Characteristics  of  Jupiter
1. Mass   : 1.901 x 1027 kg
2. Radius : 66,750 km 
3. Mean density  : 1.33 g / cm3
4. Equatorial radius  : 71,400 km 
5. Rotational Period   : 9 h 55 min 41 s 
6. Orbital period         : 11.9 years 
7. Mean distance from the Sun  : 778.34 million Km 

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