Saturday, December 3, 2011


Uranus is surrounded by a thick atmosphere of helium,hydrogen and methane.But unlike the other "cloudy" planets it has hardly any cloud markings. The most exciting thing about Uranus is the tilt of its axis.The axis is so tipped over that during its "year" the sun can shine almost overhead at each pole,and parts of its surface are bathed in continuosus day,and then continuous night,for almost 40 years.

Characteristics  of  Uranus
1. Mass   :8.7 x 10 25 kg
2. Polar Radius : 25,500 km
3. Mean density  : 1.3 g / cm3
4.Rotational Period   : 17.2 h
5. Orbital period         : 84.01 years
6. Mean distance from the Sun  : 2.87 billion Km 

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