Saturday, December 3, 2011


Saturn used to be known as the planet with 'the rings'. Ring systems have now discovered around three neighbouring planets but Saturn's rings are by far the brightest. This planet rotates very fast but not faster than Jupiter and this rapid rotation causes it to bulge at its equator and flatten at its poles.
Rings of Saturn
The rings of Saturn were observed close up by Voyager sapcecraft.The rings have particle-size distribution ranging up to several meters.They are probably made of water ice-possibly created by break up of a moon which came too near Saturn.The rings show a complex structure including several divisions and innumerable 'ringlets".

Characteristics  of  Saturn
1. Mass   : 5.69 x 1026 kg
2. Polar Radius : 53,500 km
3. Mean density  : 0.69 g / cm3
4. Equatorial radius  : 60,000 km
5. Rotational Period   : 10 h 14 min
6. Orbital period         : 29.5 years
7. Mean distance from the Sun  : 1,427 million Km 


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