Friday, December 2, 2011


Venus is the planet that orbits the Sun between the Earth and Mercury, and is almost exactly the same size as the Earth. But it is very different from our planet. The surface of Venus is the hottest place in the Solar System, with a temperature reaching 4800c

It is rocky wind-swept planet with an 'atmosphere' that would feel thicker than ocean water at a depth of several hundred metres.

This atmosphere contains carbon dioxide, sulphuric acid and other poisonous compounds, and lightning flickers between the clouds.

Characteristics  of  Venus
1. Mass   : 4.87 x 1024 kg
2. Radius : 6,051 km
3. Mean density  : 5.2 g / cm3
4. Equatorial gravity  : 860 cm / s2
5. Rotational Period   : 243 days (retrograde)
6. Orbital period         : 224.7 days
7. Mean distance from the Sun  : 108.2 million Km 

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